Wind-powered Biking Without Pedaling

Adventure cyclists always complain that the power of wind is the worst problem or best feeling on a bike. Either a headwind pushing you back or a tailwind pushing you along. What if you could harness the full power of the wind with a bike? Luckily its a thing. Kite-biking involves pulling yourself along whilst sitting in a wheeled vehicle using kite power.

  • Requires wind so you need a back up if it dies down
  • De-power the kite if wind gets too powerful
  • Wide open space with space overhead for kite
  • Kite manoeuvring skills
  • Manoeuvre the kite whilst controlling the bike and avoiding obstacles
  • Training from an experienced practitioner


  • PTW Cougar 2.5
  • Peter Lynn folding,
  • Libre V-Max
  • Flexifoil bug


  • Ozone kites
  • Jojo race kites


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