Ultimate Job? Job of the Week: Windsurf Tester.

Can you imagine spending every day testing out a new windsurf rig sailing off a sandy palm tree-lined beach? That is my job of the week. Read more tests at the Boards magazine website.

  • A hut on the beach with a variety of gear.
  • New gear being sent weekly.
  • The chance to test out all the gear over a prolonged period of time.
  • Know what is the best fit for you and to become a master of your craft.
  • Scratch under the surface of new set ups.
  • Modify aspects of the set up to make improvements based on different user cases.

By definition gear is very personal. You can buy one windsurf sail and board for the conditions that suit a place and ride it every day to find out that its near enough the best tool for the job for you. Any gear reviewer normally doesn't have the luxury of being able to long term test equipment. Often equipment is on loan for a short period of time and then it has to be returned.

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