The Pursuit Zone Podcast

I've just done a podcast with Paul Schmid who runs the Pursuit Zone Podcast.

Given the opportunity to talk about my experiences and passions I gladly did!

We ran out of time too quickly but the podcast covers:

  • Getting into cycling
  • Mountain bike guiding jobs
  • Preparing for a cycle tour
  • Cycle touring gear
  • Experience of cycling Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal
  • Staying in Georgia (Caucasus)
  • Setting up a bike tour offering in Georgia (Georiders)
  • Making an adventure film

Podcast available here

Q: Why do you love cycling?

A: Sense of freedom, accessible, cheap. Mountain biking.

Q: You worked as a guide in Croatia?

A: It was easy to get a job as a guide. Need some biking experience and then do first aid and leader course. Many companies out there.

Q: When did you have the idea for the round the world ride?

A: Whilst riding in Croatia, exploring the island and meeting other travellers.

Q: What bike and kit did you use?

A: Kona Explosif. Shimano Deore. Tubus rack. Magura disks and forks.

Q: Your second book, Between Worlds, why that name?

A: People live in their own "worlds" that rarely cross paths, but that is something that cycle touring allowed me to do.

Q: Why did you spend more time in Georgia?

A: Interesting place. Soviet history. Charming, beautiful, characterful people. Great food and wine. Singing, mountain biking.

Q: You went through Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. What was that like?

A: Iranian visa was easy to get the first time I applied but then I couldn't get one the second time around.

Q: Whilst travelling you earnt money teaching English as a second language, how was that?

A: Great way to meet new people, creative, good challenge. Many opportunities around the world.

Q: You set up a mountain bike tour company in Georgia.

A: Georgia is a great place for tourism on the surface of it - food, landscapes, hospitality. Challenging to organise the rides but also a simple model.

Q: What was Mongolia like?

A: Big skies, freedom, cheap, pristine.

Q: You did some work for the charity, Wheels for Life.

A: Its a charity that donates bikes to disadvantaged people started by Hans Rey. I gave a couple of bikes away in India. I have written about this elsewhere on this blog.

Q: Tips on travel from your experiences?

A: Travelling simply and humbly, sharing it with people. Make a space for it and go and do it if you want.

Q: Future?

A: Artist walk in Spain. A platform for local guides. Put out more of my video content.

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