Fitness, movement, calisthenics research to maintain a high quality of life by moving your body

Basic guide to natural movement patterns.

Movnat encourages natural movement.


Ido Portal - researcher and teacher in human movement.

More from Ido Portal. I read in the comments that the following video is similar to BJJ (Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu) drills.

Individual Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu exercises to improve strength and conditioning.

26 brazilian jiu-jitsu drills that can be put together in a very dynamical way, where one move can flow directly to the other

Natural movement drills (UK video).

To conclude- there are a huge amount of videos online. The ‘natural movement’ trend caught my attention because I like the way it moves away from a lot of the standard movements - squats, push ups, plank, triceps dips etc and adds in more range and variety of movements that clearly the human body is designed for. Personally I realised I need to improve my lateral strength and balance as I’m a cyclist and it tends to focus on up / down power with the legs (although mountain biking has a bit more variety). There is a lot more variation in martial arts and much of the techniques in these videos can be found in myriad martial arts warm ups and basic drills. There is plenty of scope for creativity and researching techniques that suit you better personally.

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