5 Videos on the Latest Developments in Sustainable Mobility

Elon Musk is becoming a well known tech engineer and entreprenuer. His company Tesla deals with solar energy, batteries and electric cars. Here is a video about the latest car model - the Model X.

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as technology improves and gets lighter and prices go down. Here is a report from Interbike 2015.

This guy has does a series of videos where he takes his e-bike touring. His bike is fully kitted up for touring with bags and gear. It looks like an interesting set up with mountain bike forks for safety (with the extra speed) and shows an alternative route from traditional bike tour with the emergence of the electronic bike.

The following video is more of a set of interviews about the future of urban mobility in Switzerland, one of most developed countries in the world. The video looks generally at mobility in society and all forms of transport through people's stories.

Google's approach is a self-driving car which could help through reducing congestion, improving road safety and accessibility along with being electric but also might be a big leap for many to hand over that control to a computer system

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