7 Meditation Videos for Better Intuitive Decision Making 

There are many techniques for decision making that are based around list making and weighing up pros and cons, but this ‘left brain’ way of thinking misses out the other elements of the mind - the subconscious, ‘right brain’, intuitive processes.

These videos uses meditation to attempt to press pause on the conscious, everyday mind, thoughts and allow deeper images and thoughts to arise and be observed.

Update 1/11/15

The following video from 'Sadhguru' offers another point of view. If a decision is clear then you are already using your intuition. If it is unclear then you should be wary.


The following Ted talk also offers another perspective - that of the power of 'hard choices'. Not being easy decisions, the options are 'on par' therefore it gives you the chance to make up the narrative you want to live, gives you the agency to shape your life.

In Indian spirituality, chakras are points of energy flows in the body. The heart chakra is connected with making intuitive decisions. The following video deals with this technique.

Visualisation is a technique that many athletes use. The following video uses a technique of visualising a mental space and constructing a scenario from which you observe your emotional reaction.
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