Prepare, Pack, Pedal: A Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring

I have just released my new eBook. A year ago, I realised I had written so much to help people plan their bicycle tours on my blog, but I was frustrated with it being mixed up with posts on other topics and I thought it could be made more accessible.

I decided with the help of my 'Weave of the Ride' editor to accumulate all of the posts I had written and structure them into a book. Once I had gone through the process of putting the book structure together I realised that I needed to expand the writings.

I wanted to tell a story of how anyone can make a transition from one routine into another and in this case, it happens to be going on a bicycle tour. The book therefore has a section of pre-preparation of how to get things organised in order to make the time around a work routine to start preparing to do something else.

This includes information about time-management and prioritising. All the other stuff you need is in there too of course - from acquiring sponsorship, preparing your equipment, health and safety advice to deciding where to go and much, much more (such as improving the experience on the road).

I am proud of the amount I had learnt from my travels; it was easy to write. I have over the years ever since I began mountain biking and making trips around England to the long-distance journeys that people are more aware of, picked up a body of information that I had to share with the community.

The book is in a Kindle version at the moment, but I'm planning on creating more formats in the future depending on how popular the book turns out to be.


p>You can pick up a copy of the book on Amazon here.

If you are going on a tour send me an message and I will send you a copy for free.

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