Notes from Watching Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis

  • Syria Assad (old Assad)
  • Gaddafi (wannabe revolutionary)
  • Facebook echo chamber content reinforces content
  • Blackrock Aladin servers, analyse past to predict markets & manage money
  • Tony Blair iraq war evidence chemical weapons in glass recepticles based on "The Rock" film with Nicolas Cage. Never usually used for chemical storage
  • Many films before 2001 depicting buildings etc
  • Gaddafi made to look like "world thinker" in exchange for publically claiming he was dismantling nuclear program to make Blair / Bush look better / like invading Iraq was a good idea
  • Occupy movement more about system of management, how to go about things, rather than idea about how to live
  • Donald Trump + Vladminir Putin / Circinov used theatre techniques to create disillusion in perception. Donald Trump beat the media by not making sense, saying everything.
  • Journalists thought it is their job to uncover lies and expose truth but this is not relevant here
  • People have no control over anything, only their bodies hence fitness obsession
  • William Gibson novels about computer network built by corporations to communicate invisible to ordinary people = dystopian idea of internet. Coined term "Cyberspace"
  • US tested different weapons created spectacles then cover sotry of UFOS used.
  • Emergence of suicide bomber concept created by Homeini, Palestians captured are left on mountain.

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