Cycle Touring in India - A Photo Essay

Unfortunately this original post got corrupted and I was left with only the captions! Photos coming soon....

  • Two guards talk at the ceremony at the border between India and Pakistan.
  • The Indian crowd cheers the ceremony - India and Pakistan don't see eye to eye but the ceremony is a tradition and good natured.
  • The Golden Temple at Amritsar at Dusk. The temple had an amazingly calming atmosphere.
  • A group of wise men chat by the Golden Temple.
  • A colourful sari.
  • A man bathes and prays at dusk toward the temple.
  • Volunteers cutting up potatoes for the food at the Golden Temple. 45,000 people a day eat a simple meal of dal.
  • Folding up colourful fabrics at a back street shop near to the Golden Temple.
  • A delicious breakfast of fresh yoghurt, cheese and Aloo Paratha- curry filled bread on the road in the Punjab region of Northern India.
  • I'm flagged down for an interview for Chandigarh television.
  • An amusing advertisement for the circus.
  • An overloaded truck. An intimidating sight trundling up the road.
  • One evening I stayed with the police in the Rajasthaan region. They provided me with a curry as you can see here. It was delicious with roasted chillis, a large dish of pickle and the bizarre but wonderful combination of radish, lime, onion and lemon.
  • I was on the way to Mumbai and I remember feeling intimidated by that sign evening though 1414 km was not THAT far, I was tired and a little lonely.
  • A beautiful wall painting in the fort at Bikaner.
  • After a visit to the fort I saw this guy selling street food. The fresh stuff is the best!
  • A visit to the camel centre outside Bikaner would explain the options on the menu at the cafe.
  • Sacred rats tucking into sweets at the rat temple between Bikaner and Nagour.
  • My first masala dosa eaten at Jodhpur. I was introduced by an English guy called David. Watery sauce but spicy!
  • The Meharanga Fort at Jodhpur.
  • The Meharanga Fort at Jodphur has unbelievably high and impenetrable looking walls. The grand building seemed strange next to the chaotic city below.
  • This is my guru who I met in Bharuch north of Surat. The town was really dirty but at least you could buy guava on the streets.
  • I attended and filmed meditation sessions in Bharuch which were enlivening and good for the community spirit.
  • I managed to crash a wedding at a village near Surat. The groom had attended a university in London. This is one of his cheeky relatives. I was treated like one of the family.
  • Wearing the traditional Rajput headwear and sporting a huge beard. It was quite tight round my head (the scarf not the beard).
  • Some serious roots on a tree in Mumbai. I was surprised by how it was surviving.
  • A boy fly a kite on a roof in Mumbai. There was something deep about wanting to escape the clutches of the chaotic city.
  • Unusual beach residents in Goa. I was amused by the reactions of the tourists.
  • I attended a Theyyam ceremony in Karnataka
  • The drumming was spectacular
  • Kerala is a socialist state.
  • Jack Kerouac - The Dharma Bums
  • A market stand selling bee's wax.
  • A view over Hampi. Somehow it looks like a model with the huge boulders. It would be interesting to know more about the Geology in the area.
  • Monkeys playing on a telephone wire.
  • A man in a traditional kayak in Gokarna. I envied his freedom to set out into the water..
  • The sun setting over the coastal hills along the coast from Gokarna. It was a magical experience to stay there but I had an impending feeling of gloom as I desired to find a slightly more meaningful existence rather than existing in constant transience.
  • A traditional fishing kayak on the beach
  • A temple at Khajaraho
  • The colour, hustle and bustle of Varanasi.
  • A cobra on the rocks by the Ganges.
  • Repairing a boat by the Ganges.
  • Daily religious rituals.
  • A family washing in the water.
  • An exuberant child swims in the waters
  • Samosas served on the pages of an old school book.
  • The drummer at a concert by Mouse on Mars in Delhi.

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