Coming up for a Name for Prepare, Pack, Pedal

These were some of my first attempts at names for my self-published book Prepare, Pack, Pedal which is a practical guide to going cycle touring.

Coming up with a name is a process. You may have to brainstorm many ideas before you come up with the one you settle on.

A 'how-to' book

  • Guidebook to cycle touring
  • How to go cycle touring
  • How to go adventure cycling
  • Execute a cycle tour
  • Prepare and do a tour
  • Adventure cycling how to book

Include a subtitle

  • Take off on your bike - the complete guide
  • Escape on your bike- the complete guide to prepare and go on any kind of cycle tour

Road to Freedom

 Focus on the gear

  • From here to gear
  • Gear to there
  • Get geared up
  • Gear yourself up
  • Get kitted out for your cycle tour

 Getting silly

  • Chain yourself in the face
  • Suck on some chain
  • Swing your leg over and get riding

Ride your way to joy

  • How to become a world rider
  • how to have immense joy whilst riding
  • Set a date with the road.

 Its all about the bike

  • Bootstrap your cycle tour
  • Turn on clip in and ride out
  • Two wheels two panniers

A lifestyle change?

  • From office desk to self-sufficient mountain camping
  • Take up the nomadic life - how to go cycle touring
  • An insider's guide to cycle touring
  • Quickstart guide to adventure cycle touring
  • Start the wheels turning

Life in panniers

  • Moving out on two wheels

Keep it simple

  • Think, do and go.
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