Bike hacks

  • Full length enclosed cables
  • Gaffer tape to protect chain stay
  • Sugru to stop rubbing / vibrating cable
  • Sometimes don't use provided cable routing eyelets on front to get more efficiently cable routing. Use cable ties instead.
  • Brasso to decontaminate disc rotor with oil on it.
  • Mountain bike -> put seat higher and saddle position forward to 'spin to win'
  • Use a spirit level app to set saddle level when initially fitting
  • Bolt through stripped crank thread on hollowtech style cranks and use a shim
  • When fitting cleats cleat position at extremes and work your way back
  • Wear a cycle cap under helmet to soak sweat
  • Cut worn fingers off old gloves and use as road gloves
  • If you want to set up a bike well, commute on it and make adjustments over time
  • Clean chain with rag and lube every ride
  • Get a pipe cleaner style brush to clean next to bottom bracket
  • Clean and relube inside mini-pumps to prolong life
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