Bear Grylls' Survival Guide Part II

Flying a plane in an emergency

Both pilots aren't available. What do you do?

  • Sit in the left seat
  • If the pilot is slumped over the controls, move them out the way. Focus on controlling the plane.
  • Strap in.
  • If you are flying straight and level, plane is most likely in autopilot mode. Don't touch the controls, yet.
  • If not in autopilot, level the plane.
  • Steering wheel in a plane is called a yoke. Pull back, plane goes up. Push forward, plane goes down.
  • See if you are flying level by looking at the altitude indicator, horizontal lines in the centre represent wings of aircraft, top half blue, bottom half brown. Use the yoke to bring the wings in line with the artificial horizon.
  • Autopilot usually in the middle of the control panel marked "autopilot", "autoflight", "AFS", or "AP. Don't press it, yet (unless you need to).
  • Make a mayday call. Find the handheld radio, push the button to talk, release button to listen. "Mayday, mayday, mayday". Frequency should be on 121.5 Mhz. When air traffic control reply, explain clearly what has happened and do what you are told.

Identifying poisonous plants

Do in the following order.

1.  Look at it

  • Is it discoloured?
  • Does it look old?
  • Is it brightly coloured?

If so don't eat it.

 2. Smell it.

  • Does it smell rancid?
  • Does it smell of almonds or pears?

If so don't eat it.

 3. Skin contact

  • Crush the plant
  • Rub a bit of juice on palm or wrist
  • Leave it for a couple of hours

If you skin goes red and sore, don't eat it.

 4. Lip contact

  • Dab a bit on inside of the lip

If you get any tingling or swelling, don't eat it.

 5. Chew

  • Chew it.
  • Spit it out.

Any adverse reaction don't eat it.

6. Eat

  • Eat a small amount
  • Wait 4-6 hours
  • Don't drink water or eat food (it may dilute any poisonous affect)

If no reaction you can most likely eat it.

Adapted from article in the Times promoting Bear Grylls' book "How to Stay Alive"

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