30 Things Mountain Biking has Taught Me About Life

Good writers have often used sport as a metaphor for life.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Relax.
  3. Keep your gear clean.
  4. The fun starts when you push the limits.
  5. Practicing makes you better.
  6. Ups are followed by downs.
  7. Don't hit stationary objects at speed.
  8. Learn to fall well.
  9. Sometimes speed is your friend.
  10. Thousands of tiny decisions are being made every second without you knowing.
  11. Go with the flow.
  12. He who dares...
  13. Don't ride tired or hungry if you can help it.
  14. The hardest parts are the most satisfying afterwards.
  15. There's fresh crap on the trail ahead.
  16. Balance is first among the virtues; momentum is second.
  17. Success requires confidence, but cockiness invites failure.
  18. Sometimes, the best way past an obstacle is to fly straight over it.
  19. It's all about the being and the going, not the having and the arriving.
  20. There are forks in the road - offering different levels of challenge.
  21. The one who talks the most probably knows the least.
  22. The thing that nails you is the one you don't see coming.
  23. Stop occasionally to admire the view.
  24. Preparation wins races.
  25. Better enjoyed with friends.
  26. Gear isn't everything.
  27. Precision beats power, timing beats speed.
  28. Look ahead.
  29. Ensure traction by digging in.
  30. Stay loose.
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