The pros and cons of programming as a career

I'm self taught coder. It is the best way I have found to make money and it interests me. I like computers and I've always had a talent for doing things with them. Here I detail some of the pros and cons of making a living from coding, programming, web / app development and related sectors.


  • Money
  • Space to think
  • Creative space over how you achieve things
  • Programming is a useful skill to know as it can earn you money but it can also be helpful to be able to understand gadgets and machines that can be programmed
  • Participate in an emerging technology
  • Intellectual challenge
  • Get to meet intelligent people


  • Screentime
  • Still a very poor wider understanding of what programmers do by rest of society (and the scope of the work behind the scenes).
  • Too male dominated
  • Usually office based and not physically active
  • Nascent technology means it is continuously developing
  • Niche technologies means its possible to get pigeon-holed by technology
  • Legacy systems
  • Time-consuming
  • Gap between ‘ideas’ and technical barriers to delivery
  • Technical debt - Legacy or poorly designed systems that have to be worked with
  • Often stuck in the same office
  • Doesn’t involve a lot of travel


Douglas Adams once said that each era has its new technology and if you can make a living from it then good for you.

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