British Army 58 Pattern Poncho Review

This army poncho was purchase from eBay.

British Army Poncho


  • Issued to British troops up until the late 90's
  • 58 pattern poncho design
  • Draw cord on hood
  • Press-stud fastening on sides
  • Breathable (ish)
  • Waterproof (to an extent)

It has a hole in the centre to our your head through. It has drawstring pull cords to pull tight the material around your waist.

How I used it

I took it cycle touring as an alternative to a waterproof jacket.

My experience

It works well. It makes you look silly. Aerodynamically terrible, unless the wind is behind you.


  • Multiple uses (can be used as a back up shelter / covering up a bike / picnic sheet)
  • Cheap
  • Strong


  • Heavy


I once read somewhere that the best breathable coat is an umbrella, so a poncho might be a good compromise.

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