Working and Travelling in Dubai, UAE and why it blew me away

This post is loosely influenced by "Actor Network Theory" which is a way of analysing an event, situation or organisation and breaking it down into its component parts because I was recently studying this. Also, there were a few examples in my course of theories involving 'trialectics' and I made some of my own like 'Existing-Participating-Observing' which was on my mind during this trip.

Date visited

5th and the 27th of October 2011


Dubai, UAE, Planet earth, The universe, The cosmos


Work to build exhibition stands at Gitex technology tradeshow

Exhibition, Dubai


  • Finance my university course at Goldsmiths University of London
  • Change of scenery / paid travel


Couchsurfers, workers, my employer, residents of Dubai, travellers.


  • Went to the beach and the restaurants
  • Ate a variety of international foods
  • Smoked sheesha (Pipe)
  • Took taxi rides
  • Visited the old souk and gold souk and the fish market. There were many Indians working and living there.
  • After working, I spent a lot of time observing.
  • I took, long early morning walks through the residential areas, along motorways and behind large advertisements.
  • I tried to understand the huge display of wealth and architecture.

A famous local fugitive graffiti artist's graffiti in Jumeira


There were many good times shared. I felt like my experience was made many times richer by my interactions with people I met through Couchsurfing.

A design project I have involves studying methods for productivity, design, business, innovation etc:

Six thinking hats (originated from Edward De Bono)


  • Slept in an IBIS hotel in Mall of the Emirates, Uptown Mirdiv and JBR downtown Dubai.
  • Ate only in restaurants.
  • Spent money.


  • Means to an end but a poetic experience.
  • My thinking is influenced by my environment and company.
  • Cyborg organism communicating with computer- giving me feedback.
  • Thinking is always going to be flawed.
  • Self awareness.
  • Negative environment frame.
  • Framing.
  • Belief systems.


  • Feel amazed
  • Blown away
  • Tired
  • Need exercise and good food.
  • Breaking out of routines.
  • Feels unreal.
  • Out of scale.
  • Outside of comfort zone
  • S kind of journey through human frames.

Logic positive

  • Money for work.
  • New experiences.
  • New environments.
  • Intensity.
  • Spreading good vibes and ideas.


Could Dubai be an example of how to build a city after large areas have been desertified due to global warming?

Logic negative:

  • Dubai is unsustainable?
  • Surrounding myself in this kind of environment is affecting my brain.

A large aquarium in Dubai Mall

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