Updated: Ways to travel on the cheap

Travelling is often seen as something for the rich. However, over the years travel has got cheaper. The majority of my 'real' travel experiences have been the opposite and involved the bare minimal amount of money, living as close to a travelling hobo as possible.

Saving up and generating cash

  • Work and save up cash
  • Use social networking / crowd source funding to drum up support and funding.
  • Blag on the telephone for free stuff - find the right person who deals with that sort of thing.
  • Handle your media and communications - be known for something and use it as a foundation for generating support.
  • Become a photographer - use it to photograph (well) the places you go. Take photos of equipment in use/fancy places. Sell photos to magazines and use as barter in exchange for equipment.
  • Get yourself featured in high visibility media: news, magazines, documentary, films: use the media of the moment to promote yourself.
  • Document and sell the results.
  • Be creative.
  • Sell postcards, busk, sell drawings.
  • Travel in an interesting way to generate publicity.
  • Write a blog and sell advertising.

Take cheap transport

  • Shop around for different transports - go by bike it is free!
  • Hitch hike.

Use free hospitality

  • Use Couchsurfing or Bewelcome
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Sleep on the deck of boats / on buses / trains.
  • Ask people for help - if you don't ask you don't get.
  • Be desperate and in need. 'Stay Hungry'
  • Be flexible.

Buy, take and carry only what you really need

  • Minimise your possessions
  • Don't buy presents.
  • Wear long lasting clothes.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Buy gear off the internet / ebay.
  • Don't buy maps.
  • Don't buy guidebooks.

Live off the land / reduce your living costs

  • Steal hand wash from public toilets - carry around in a drinks bottle and refill (don't drink).
  • Forage for food.
  • Buy food before you go or before you come into a touristic / expensive area.
  • Drink tap water instead of buying drinks.
  • Don't drink alcohol.
  • Don't use a mobile.
  • Avoid all but the cheapest restaurants - eat where the locals eat.
  • Be vegetarian.
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